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Basic information

The 2021 Housing Census in the Slovak Republic is carried out according to a new concept based on the use of existing data sources and the reduction of the administrative burden on the population.

The Housing census will be performed by the municipality or, in the case of the capital city of Bratislava and Košice, urban part (hereinafter referred to as the “municipality”), i.e. it will be conducted without the participation of the population which will significantly reduce the administrative burden.

The decisive moment of the Census to which the survey data refer is the midnight from Thursday 31 December 2020 to Friday 1 January 2021. The decisive moment of the Census is the point in time at which all required data on houses and dwellings must be filled in.

The subject of the census refers to all apartment buildings, regardless of whether they are inhabited or not, and other inhabited dwellings, which are inhabited at the decisive moment of the Census. Other dwellings that are the subject of the census include, for example, inhabited shacks of Roma communities, which cannot be assigned a census number neither an address point in the Address Register, inhabited garages, inhabited houseboats, inhabited unapproved family houses and other inhabited non-residential buildings.

The Housing Census will be carried out exclusively in an electronic form, using the Electronic System for the Housing Census. The electronic system for the population and housing census will be available to the municipality during the entire census.

The census period for houses and dwellings lasts from 1 June 2020 to 12 February 2021, which represents 255 days.

The electronic system for the Housing Census will provide one form for each "apartment building", about which the required data are collected and data on houses will be derived from data on “apartment building" when processed by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. In the previous censuses, it was necessary to fill in special forms for apartments and special forms for houses. Different types of data are collected such as: type of ownership of the apartment, location of the apartment in the house, floor area of the apartment, number of living rooms in the apartment, type of heating, energy source used for heating.

The electronic system for the Housing Census will contain a pre-filled database. This database was created by integrating the available data mainly from the Register of Addresses, Cadastre for Real Estate, Basic Database for the Geographic Information System, Register of Organizations, "List of Buildings".

The municipality will use various data sources for completing the required data for the purposes of the Housing Census. The recommended documents are especially as follows: tax records, technical report on urban, architectural and construction solutions, project documentation drawings, technical report on sanitary engineering, plan of engineering works, technical report on heating, building permit, occupation permit, building permit for wastewater treatment plant, export document on chemical sink, etc.

The municipality can contact and request data on apartment buildings from the persons who are responsible for their administration and who are performing the administration on the territory of the municipality.

The Housing Census is performed by authorized persons in the municipality. The task of the authorized person is to completely, correctly and truthfully fill in the data on apartment buildings in the Electronic System for the Census of Houses and Dwellings.

The Electronic System for the Housing Census will enable to monitor the implementation of the housing census using the "Monitoring" functionality.

The result will be a database of the enumerated houses and dwellings with the current data on houses and dwellings which, after further processing, will create a basic database on houses and a basic database on dwellings, directly integrated into data on population and households.

Census Sample Forms

Data for the purpose of the Population and Housing Census are collected through an electronic census form.

/ Census sample form for the Housing Census in Slovak language (pdf 1,47 MB)

/ Census sample form for the Housing Census in English language (pdf 1,47 MB)

Notices for municipalities

/ Housing Census and the residents (pdf 119 kB)

Promotional material

/ Leaflet of the 2021 Census (pdf 417 kB)