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How to get counted

When does the census take place?

The census will take place in the period of 15.2. - 31.3.2021. The assisted census will take place by 31 October 2021, over a period of 6 weeks, the dates will be set on the basis of the epidemic situation in the SR.

Who is counted?

Everyone who has a permanent, temporary, a tolerated or usual residence in the Slovak Republic has to be counted.

What data is presented?

The data provided in the form by the resident during the census, relate to the Point in Time Relevant to the Census, which is 1 January 2021.

How to get counted

Census with an assistant

If you cannot count yourself, you have the option to use an assisted counting service.

A specific date of the assisted census realization in municipality/city will be announced by the Statistical Office of the SR and will last 6 weeks.

A contact point will be set up in each municipality, where a stationary assistant will help you with the census.

There will also be mobile assistants in a municipality, who will visit the resident's household in case they request such a service.