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The role of municipalities in the population census

Based on the delegated performance of state administration, municipalities fulfils the tasks lays down by the Act No 223/2019 Coll. on the Population Housing Census in 2021 and on amendments to certain acts.

The Population Census preparation is crucial. As part of it, the municipality will take part in a training of municipalities as regards census tasks, recruit and select census assistants and by 11 January 2021 will announce data on census assistants to the Statistical Office SR (contact point). It will ensure stationary assistants in selected establishments located in the municipality as well. As part of the census preparation, it will also cooperate with the SO SR (contact point) in a training of census assistants, cooperate in a technical and material support of census assistants and issue cards to census assistants. It will establish a contact point (or points) in the municipality as well and by 31 December 2020 will send to the SO SR (contact point) the required information about this point / points and cooperate in communication and promotion of the census in the municipality.

The date of the assisted census is due to pandemic situation postponed to  1. 4. 2021 –  31. 10. 2021.

During the census, the municipality will keep records of residents who have applied for the assisted census service, establish virtual assistance circuits, provide the activities of a contact point / points in the municipality, create conditions for the activities of mobile and stationary census assistants and monitors the activities of mobile assistants.

After the census, the municipality will evaluate a work of census assistants and ensure their remuneration. It will also evaluate the funds used in accordance with the relevant implementing legislations and methodological guidelines. It will take part in a dissemination of the results of the Population and Housing Census.

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